“By far the best stab at the future of the novel I’ve seen” — Court Merrigan, Teleread

“A modern take on Daniel Defoe’s A Journal of the Plague Year … intimate slices of life amid the horror, inspirational impressions of perseverance and survival in a time of great crisis.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Biting political commentary interlaces the suspenseful, near-apocalyptic main narrative … Suspenseful and terrifying, American Fever will keep the reader glued to the page until the very end.”The Midwest Book Review

“I thoroughly enjoyed the novel, and actually learned (and in some cases re-learned) a few things about flu in the process. I do hope that Peter’s dark vision of what happens to outspoken flu bloggers during an H5N1 pandemic never comes to pass. I keep repeating to myself: It’s only fiction … American Fever: Catch it, before it catches you.” — Mike Coston, Avian Flu Diary

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Here is the video New York filmmaker David Rodriguez made about it:

The events described by American Fever’s blogger are framed by passages published five years after a terrible pandemic flu breaks out in the United States.

A young libertarian flu fighter huddles at home in New York’s East Village, blogging about a devastating avian flu pandemic as he sells masks, gloves, and goggles over the Internet. An intriguing, vexing woman stalks him while he delves into the mysteries of influenza and serves up colorful commentary on the chaos swirling around—and within—his world.

When ‘Count Blogula’ gets involved with some lively community flu activists, he collides with a government bent on controlling Americans as if they were viral intruders. With the U.S. staggering through a kind of national Katrina—Chinatown a smoky ruin, Atlanta evacuated, Houston blown up—he must fight both the system and the contagion to save his life and love.

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