Here are the elements that contestants will need to download in order to create a video (or more, if you like) that qualifies to compete for non-cash honors when we announce our US $1,000 prize-winner in September 2012.

  1. American Fever Music composed, produced and performed by Andy Gill (MP3)
  2. These four reviews must appear in the video (in any font you prefer to use). Each can be combined with ellipses (…) so that it appears as one statement. Or it can be faded up in segments. You must credit the reviewer and use quotation marks (” … “).
    “By far the best stab at the future of the novel I’ve seen …
    The story of a flu‐obsessed blogger who predicts a flu pandemic and then records its ravages, Hall taps into a deep literary vein of paranoia …
    You’re missing something if you miss American Fever
    — Court Merrigan, TeleRead
    “A modern take on Daniel Defoe’s A Journal of the Plague Year
    Kirkus Reviews
    — Publishers Weekly PW Select
    “Suspenseful and terrifying, American Fever will keep the reader glued to the page until the very end.”
    The Midwest Book Review
  3. American Fever’s Cover.
  4. You must leave 3 seconds of silence accompanying the final image at the close of your video entry, so author Peter Christian Hall can add a brief statement to the winning entry.
  5. Finally, American Fever‘s website contains a Gallery of creations from artists around the world. All but one have agreed to allow their work to be used in these videos, so long as they are credited—by name of each artwork and its creator—in the text that must accompany any post at YouTube. (Artist Frank Zirbel prefers not to have his work included in these videos, so please do not use any of his art.)

As noted on the Contest Information page, you may break rules if you create a video that amazes and compels us. You MUST in any event, however, post properly (with credits), and you must leave 3 seconds of silence after the music stops.

Do not hesitate to contact us at AW (at) ArterialWitness (dot) com with any questions. It’s much easier to ask first than to change things later! We are happy to respond.

Once you have completed your project, please post it on YouTube as an American Fever Book Video Trailer. Kindly credit author Peter Christian Hall, composer Andy Gill (“music composed, produced, and performed by Andy Gill”), any artists and their work that you have included, and yourself in your post, which should also list the novel’s complete title: American Fever: A Tale of Romance & Pestilence. If you maintain a Twitter account, please tweet the YouTube URL to to #americanfever.

To enter this contest, you must agree to the Official Rules. Please read them prior to entering the contest. By clicking to submit your video’s URL and your data, you agree to a binding legal agreement between you and Arterial Witness.

Thank you. We look forward to your work!

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