Each of these videos is eligible to win $1,000 and designation as American Fever‘s Official Book Video Trailer, plus a copy of American Fever: A Tale of Romance & Pestilence signed by composer Andy Gill and author Peter Christian Hall. Our selection for the cash prize (and choices for non-cash honors) will be announced at a special event in September 2012. Please help us make the decisions—speak out!

Here are visions from artists around the world, with the most recent entry listed first. We are extremely grateful to all of them. We invite you to watch and comment on their work—here, at YouTube, and on American Fever‘s Facebook Page. (Arterial Witness is still soliciting videos, but because the deadline has passed, new work will be eligible only for non-cash honors.)

David Rodriguez

Amy Elsen

Mike Pfeiffer

Ziya Morris

George A. Ingram Jr.

Gilsub Choi

Catalin Stancu

Tyler Edwards

Victor Willis



  1. @ Kurt : All clips are HD ( 720p or 1080p). In addition, Pfeiffer, Rodriguez and Stancu have 3D option. So, check the YouTube option an enjoy it all again 🙂 .
    The trailer of Stancu is my favourite. All the best !

  2. All of these commercials definitely could be real commercials, but I was disappointed in the lack of quality in some of them. Most of them are 480p which pretty low quality, now days its quality that matters and I think that one of the videos that are HD (720p or 1080p) should be the winners. For example Mike Pfeiffer’s or Tyler Edwards videos are both in HD and as you can tell it also makes the colors pop out making the commercial much more enticing!

  3. I think Tyler Edwards for the win. I felt as if it was a true book trailer. It was captivating and held my attention longer than the other ones. The quick hook from the beginning would keep me watching if I were to see it anywhere else. It seems very professional too.

  4. Although they are all good. I have to say I really liked Tyler Edwards. Has it all in it

  5. I feel like most of these videos are made up of mostly stock footage clips and although I really liked Mike Pfeiffer’s video most the effects are copied from Tyler Edwards video is the one I liked the most because of how smoothly his animation flows. His animation has the virus, government, and romance part of his video. I feel like his video is the one going to win.

  6. I don’t know which is the best entry, what is the best realization (technically speaking). In my opinion, Stancu’s video is attractive with a doze of mister. The trailer is surely beautiful, thrilling, intense and sends the viewer to read the book. But all the videos could be an official trailer. So, whatever the choice is, it’s a good choice. Good luck for all.

  7. HARD to choose.
    I ‘ve narrowed it down to 3 (not in order)
    Rodriguez, Catalin Stancu, Ingram.
    what a good crop of trailers !!
    look forward to hearing who wins.

  8. I think all entries are good. If I have to choose one, I think the
    video of Catalin Stancu is the best 73 seconds video because it is compact, captivating, scary
    and kind at the same time. Music is synchronized like a video clip. Morris’ video is
    good, too. Congrats and good luck for all!

  9. I like George A. Ingram Jnr’s is best because it includes the Government threat rather than “just” the threat from the flu virus. Thus it is best at the entirety of the paranoia. I think some of the wordings might be tweaked, though. Stancu and Edwards also good, perhaps better visuals than Ingram, but I think Ingram puts the themes of peril from the virus, the infection of love, and threat from government all into the frame.

    Had I done my own review already it would probably say:
    “Wash your fucking hands.” – Duncan Edwards,

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