(American Fever Trailer Contest One Sheet PDF)

Book Trailer Contest
Non-cash Honors Still Available!

Arterial Witness Publishing presents a contest to create the video that best captures the spirit of Peter Christian Hall’s revolutionary novel, AMERICAN FEVER: A TALE OF ROMANCE & PESTILENCE

About The Contest: Win $1,000 and global recognition for making a compelling book video trailer. Create and edit images to a fierce 70-second soundtrack freshly recorded by ANDY GILL, legendary GANG OF FOUR composer, guitarist, and producer. While that deadline has passed, non-cash honors are still available for new entries.

About American Fever: Hailed by TeleRead’s Court Merrigan as “by far the best stab at the future of the novel I’ve seen,” American Fever presents an East Village blogger’s vivid view of an H5N1 avian flu pandemic that rocks America and unleashes chaos and repression—even as his personal life explodes with promise. Kirkus Reviews likens it to Daniel Defoe’s A Journal of the Plague Year. Raves the Midwest Book Review’s March issue: “Suspenseful and terrifying, American Fever will keep the reader glued to the page until the very end.”

General Requirements: Contest is open to all. No entry fee. While American Fever is commercially available in print and ebook versions, you needn’t pay. A fully linked, illustrated version is posted for you to read at Visit to hear Gill’s music and obtain contest details, including terms and conditions. Videos that do not win but that stand out will be honored with special citations for scariest video, funniest video, most P.K. Dick-like video, most-viewed entry, and so forth. Enter as many videos as you like. No purchase necessary.

Surprise us!

Deadline for cash prize: July 4, 2012
Deadline for non-cash honors: Aug. 31, 2012

Contact: For further information, visit and or email aw (at) ArterialWitness (dot) com. Join American Fever‘s Facebook page

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